Mary Maloney Confession: Case 9131916

The story of Mary and Patrick Maloney showcases a relationship crumbling before the characters’ very eyes. It’s unknown to the reader exactly what caused this, but the aftermath is brilliantly shown through the actions of Mary following the news. It is also unknown what happens after the story finishes. Does Mary eventually get caught? Does she move on like nothing happened? What happened to the baby? All of these questions are left unanswered, but this audio clip of Mary turning herself in may answer some of them. The feeling of guilt has built up the years after the murder, and she is unable to escape the thoughts swirling through her head.

The audio file is a piece of evidence in Case 9131916, the homicide case for Patrick Maloney. Although nobody will be held accountable directly, it is important for the family to have closure.

“Lamb to the Slaughter.” Roald Dahl, Harper’s Magazine, Sept. 1953. Accessed 20 March 2017.




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